Best Anti Theft Lock for Travel Trailers

Best Anti Theft Lock for Travel Trailers

The security of your trailer is one of the most important things in order to achieve a pleasant journey. Either if you are going in a long trip, a trip that may last only a couple of days or your trailer is not in use parked at home, you should consider its safety especially if it is not parked into a closed garage or a CCTV surveilled area.

Travel trailers are an easy target for thieves as a trailer is way easier to steal than a car as they just need to couple the trailer to the car and tow it away and don’t actually need to break into it.
As you may know, as a safety method against theft, you can either use wheel clamps either hitch locks.

Both of these methods are quite effective against theft even if they act with different principles. Wheels clamps are attached to the wheel (as you may already expect) and its purpose is to block the wheel from spinning.

By doing this, it makes the towing impossible keeping your trailer safe. However, poor quality clamps may damage your trailer’s tires, some clamps have rubber on the parts that come into contact with the wheel avoiding damaging it. On the other hand, hitch locks won’t allow thieves to clamp the trailer to the towing vehicle.

Best Anti Theft Lock for Travel Trailers of 2020


YaeTek Wheel Lock

YaeTek Wheel Lock Clamp Boot Tire Claw Auto Car Anti Theft...

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Our best recommendation for this top is YaeTek wheel lock. The clamp is made of a resistant material and it is covered with anti-rust epoxy polyester spray paint that will protect it from the sun and rain, making it suitable for securing your travel trailer when it is not in use and also it is suitable for long camping periods.

It is able to adapt to different tires diameters (700 – 750 mm) with a tier width ranging between 140 – 250 mm. It has a maximum mouth of the claw of 280mm and its clamp length is 780 mm long.  As a method to protect your tires, it has rubber covers that will prevent your tires from getting damage by the claw. 

It is suitable for trailers, all types of vehicles, SUVs, caravans and even boats.

Key points:

  • Adjustable size
  • Rubber covers to prevent tire damage
  • Soft handles that ease the fitting process
  • Set of 2 keys to lock or unlock the claw.
  • Weather resistant paint that will reduce the lock’s damage keeping it good looking.
  • Easy to fit and remove


Master Lock

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8', 2', and 2-5/16'...

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Master Lock is our top recommendation for hitch locks. It is a universal coupler lock that fits all types of trailer couplers (1-7/8”, 2”, 2-5/16”). The lock is rust resistant and corrosion resistant, as well it is made from sturdy materials that will protect your trailer against the thieves by making the coupling of the trailer to a towing vehicle impossible.

It is very easy to install and the locking system benefits of advanced locking mechanisms that are able to resist lock-picking and prying. It wears a bright red colour to make the anti-theft gadget noticeable in order to discourage thieves from trying to approach your trailer.

The product also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that will ensure a free of charge repairment or replacement of the product or any part of the product if it fails. 

Key points:

  • Fits multiple types of trailers
  • Easy to lock / unlock
  • Noticeable colour to prevent theft attempts
  • Comes with warranty
  • It provides a set of two keys


Zento Tire Clamp

Zento Deals 2 Pack Security Tire Clamp - Premium Quality...

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Zento is a sturdy clamp made out of high-quality ABS to increase the lock’s durability and lifetime. As a long-lasting tire clamp made with strong materials, it is a perfect fit for the security of your trailer for long time parking. Not only that the claw provides increased security against theft, but it also protects your tire from potential damage as it has a PVC coating that won’t cause any scratch/damage.

The claw is provided with a handle that will ease the fitting process. It is colored in easily noticeable colors (red and yellow) to keep away theft attempts. The fitting process is relatively easy, as you just need to attach the claw to your trailer’s wheel, adjust the length until it is tight, lock the claw and that’s it, your trailer is safe.

It offers a set of two keys; therefore, you don’t have to worry that much if you lose ore break one of them as you will still be able to unlock your trailer.

Key points:

  • Easy setup process
  • Strong and durable materials
  • PVC coating for tire protection
  • Noticeable colors to prevent theft attempts
  • Set of two keys


Reese Towpower

REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage...

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If you are looking for an easy to use hitch lock, then Reese Towpower may be the perfect anti-theft lock for you. It is made of heavy duty steel able to resist drilling. Its locking system is designed to resist lock picking providing increased security. The lock has a durable bright colored yellow paint cover that is able to resist harsh weather and keep the thieves away. 


Buying Guide

Before deciding which product is best for you, you should consider a couple of things as these may help you decide what you actually need. 

The type of lock

As mentioned before, you have to decide what kind of lock do you actually need. Even if both wheel clamps and hitch locks work great, we still have to think which one would be better for what we need. Hitch lock’s advantage is the ease of use, you can lock your trailer’s hook in a couple of seconds without too much trouble and also you can unlock it quite easily, however, the level of security is a bit lower compared with wheel clamps because if the thieves have other ways of towing the trailer instead of hooking it directly with the hitch then the hitch lock won’t be a problem for them.

On the other side, wheel clamps are quite bothersome to attach as you need to fit them perfectly on the wheel and you may even have to go down on your knees to fit the clamp.

You also need a wheel clamp that fits, as wheel sizes are different so are the wheel clamps. However, not only that wheel clams are a bit safer, but you can also use them on your car to avoid car theft while your trailer is safe and sound in your garage at home (if you have one). 


You need to make sure that your security system, either if it is a wheel clamp or hitch lock, is made of high-quality heavy-duty material. As you don’t want to give thieves the possibility to break your security system, you have to make sure that your anti-theft gadget is made of materials such as weather resistant heavy steel and other similar materials. 

Wheel clamps damage and size

As mentioned before, if you are choosing to use a wheel clamp you should make sure that it won’t damage your wheel. Most of the manufacturers will cover the parts of the clamps that come in contact with the wheel with rubber, therefore that’s what are you looking for. Also, don’t forget to consider the size of your trailer’s wheel as you need to find a clamp that is big enough for that wheel’s diameter.

You can even choose a wheel clamp that has an adjustable diameter and you can use it on different vehicles that have similar wheel sizes.


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