Best RV Wheel Chocks of 2020

Best RV Wheel Chocks of 2020

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the best RV wheel chocks? We appreciate your effort of staying well-prepared when going on adventures with your RV, and wheel chocks are a must-have. RVs are an American icon. With so much love for the great outdoors many people in North America have, RVs can be one of the most cost-effective and comfortable ways to reconnect with nature without sacrificing comfort.

Safety is very important when it comes to these impressive vehicles, and this is especially an issue when on the often uneven terrain found off-road. There have been many stories, ranging from comical anecdotes to rather unnerving accidents, where unsecured RVs have rolled off to oblivion. Not only could this result in the RV being badly damaged, but people are often injured in panicked efforts to thwart gravity. This can all be abated with the use of good wheel chocks. These add extra support alongside emergency brakes to mostly ensure your RV isn’t going anywhere.

Before buying the best RV wheel chocks, you should first consider what type of wheel chocks are suitable for your RV. Our mission is to make things easier for you, this is why we have put together a buyer’s guide to help you make the most informed choice. We have also listed the best RV wheel chocks emphasizing their pros and cons so you can choose the best to meet your needs. 

Best RV Wheel Chocks of 2020


Buyer’s Guide

When choosing wheel chocks for your RV, there are a few factors to consider. One size does not fit all.  It’s possible to get most chocks to fit with most RVs, but when shopping around for these, it’s best to know how big your RV is, what type of tires it has and what kind of environment you intend to explore.

Below are some recommended wheel chocks, of which one should usually meet the needs of the average RV’er.


1. Fastway ONEstep 84004840 Wheel Chock

Fastway ONESTEP Wheel Chock Double Pack for Tandem Axle...

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This wheel chock design is quite a departure from the stereotypical wedge-shaped block of wood or metal often imagined when thinking of wheel bracing. Supporting 16”-24” axles, this is intended to be a solid but minimal effort way to secure your RV.

This utilizes a foot pedal to lock the chock into place, requiring no bending over, crawling around or other uncomfortable nor dangerous actions.


This chock comes in a pack of 2, weighing about 14.2 pounds. Each chock is about 10×18.5×4.5 inches, with a metallic finish exterior. They do not fold.

Performance and Technical Issues

While easily adjustable and being compatible with a relatively wide range of tandem axle sizes, these chocks do not fit every RV. Exceptionally large, luxury RVs may push the limits of these chocks. Some users have also expressed mild concern at their RV rocking slightly when people board or exit the vehicle, despite the proper fitting of them. This is actually normal for a lot of chocks, but depending on the terrain, this could lead to issues if the rocking is significant enough.

These chocks are designed to be easy to set up, but some users have complained they’re hard to remove or cause strain in those with knee, leg or ankle problems. They may be less secure in gravely desert conditions.

Is it Recommended?

Overall, these chocks have received little serious complaints from those who have used them. Their size range does indeed fit most average RV axles, and their general ease of setup is something a lot of vacationers may greatly appreciate.

Those with a little bit of phobia when it comes to an RV rocking even when secured may never completely feel like these are doing their job, though. This is actually not something to usually be alarmed by, but if this stresses you, these may not be ideal for you.


  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • Easy to set up, no bending over required.
  • It might not suit all-terrain but suits most.
  • Affordable considering build quality.
  • Fits most average RV axles.


  • May not fit larger luxury RVs.
  • It may be difficult for those with leg or knee problems.
  • It can be difficult to remove in some cases.
  • Has been known to slip a bit in arid terrain like the Sonoran Desert.

FAQ About this Product

 Do these replace traditional wheel chocks?

Yes, these are intended to be an all-in-one chock solution.

Will this fit wheels that are 16” apart?

Yes, absolutely. These will fit up to 24”.



2. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer 

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012

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These chocks are of a more modern design, intended to stabilize wheels via leverage, rather than acting as impromptu, impassible ramps. On paper, this concept does seem to be more reliable and advanced than traditional wedge designs.

In practice, this concept does work but requires the very proper installation to ensure this.


This set of two stabilizers comes with one handle and weighs about 15 pounds. They’re heavy. They’re made of rust-resistant steel, with durability being a focus. They’re about 16×7.5×4.5 inches in dimensions.

Performance and Technical Issues

These are designed to basically be a wrench in the gears, preventing the two braced wheels from turning due to rigidity. This is a sound concept, but in the application, a number of things have been known to go wrong with this concept.

Exceptionally wet or muddy tires may sometimes slip free of the stabilizers, even when they appear to be very solidly in place. They also have been known to damage tires in some conditions.

There is also a danger of these stabilizers popping out of place during installation, resulting in some bumps or bruises now and then. They can also be a bit complicated to set up.

Is it Recommended?

While this design does have its cons, when handled properly, and all risks are considered and abated, these can be a very solid solution. They do fit almost all RVs, campers and other non-commercial vehicles unlike a lot of wedge chocks.

They can be a nuisance to set up, and possibly scary to remove (what if the RV suddenly rolls away?), but these concerns are all edge cases in all honesty. This should be a good solution for people who’re willing to deal with harder setup as a trade-off for versatility


  • Extremely versatile.
  • It doesn’t care about terrain or vehicle size.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Affordable, considering their quality.


  • Very heavy.
  • It can have trouble with wet or muddy tires.
  • It requires caution when installing or uninstalling.
  • Could damage tires if mishandled.

FAQ About this Product

What’s the widest viable separation these can handle?

They can handle up to 10 inches, but for maximum support, it’s best to avoid more than 8.5”.

Does this come in singles?

No, this product is sold only as pairs. Considering wheels also come in pairs, there’s little sense in packaging them individually.

Is it lockable?


What about very small spaces, such as 3” between tires?

It probably won’t fit in spaces smaller than about 5”, but it may be possible.



3. Camco RV Wheel Stop Stabilizer 

Camco Small RV Wheel Stop | Features a Lightweight...

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Similar to the X-Chock in concept, these are meant to be wheel stops that prevent them from spinning due to resistance. These metal stabilizers are a much simpler design than others like them, which has its pros and cons.

These are probably safer to tires and safer for the person installing them.


These metal stabilizers come as single items, weighing 2.2 pounds. They’re roughly 17.4×5.7×2 inches in dimension. Each unit is three components – the screw shaft, and two wedges to act as stops.

Performance and Technical Issues

This is a very simple solution, as far as stabilizers go. Unfortunately, this means that it’s far less adaptable than other wheel stabilizers. They can be difficult to put safely into place on more difficult terrain, and require a lot of fiddling to get them tight.

In short, these are a lot of work to properly utilize.

Is it Recommended?

While limited and a bit of work due to their plain design, these are very affordable, and very safe when used properly. They only support 26”-30” spaces, which are much smaller vehicles. This isn’t a good choice for large RVs, but smaller vehicles should be more than compatible with this design.

The affordability and simplicity of these do add appeal, so those with vehicles of the right size might find this to be a good overall compromise.


  • Simple design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Exceptionally affordable.


  • Lot of work to install, despite their simplicity.
  • A limited range of vehicles is compatible.
  • Not great for very, very steep inclines.

FAQ About this Product

Are these a good chock replacement?

Probably still a good idea to at least use classic wooden or metal chocks, and use these to supplement them if you’re going to be in a situation where they’re going to be put to the test.

Is there any way to adapt these to wider or narrower sizes?

Unfortunately, no. These really only suit smaller vehicles.

Are these a set?

No, these are oddly sold as single units, which doesn’t honestly make a lot of sense.


4. OVOS Foldable Heavy Duty Steel Wheel Chock 

OVOS Foldable Heavy Duty Metal Steel Wheel Chock Safety...

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These chocks are designed with portability in mind. They’re foldable, solid steel chocks of a standard design. While they don’t have the convenience of simply stepping on them to lock them in place, they’re less limited as a result.

These chocks fold up to be stored very neatly.


OVOS chocks are very lightweight, at 1.61 pounds, with dimensions of 10.4×7.3×0.5 inches. Despite what the Amazon listing claims, they do in fact fold.

Performance and Technical Issues

These have a wider compatibility range due to being a modernization of the classic wedge wheel chock used for over a century. Unfortunately, these may not be up to the task of supporting larger RVs. They’re unlikely to break or collapse, but their light-weight design may mean they don’t resist gravity quite as well as some others.

They also require the user to take the risk of crawling around their vehicle, shoving them into place. Even if no danger is present, such actions are not friendly to bad backs or other joint problems!

These were originally engineered for urban environments, meaning it may be a toss-up on what terrain types they work well with.

Is it Recommended?

These are very portable, and while they’re not as convenient as some, they’re not difficult to set up, in the grand scheme of things. One might want to be very considerate about the weight of the RV these are supporting, but they have the advantage of technically fitting any size of RV.

Those with average-sized RVs who just want a simple and easily portable solution may find these a good compromise.


  • Portable and fits most dimensions well enough.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Familiar design.
  • Quality steel.


  • Requires crawling around to set up.
  • Wasn’t initially engineered with natural terrain in mind.
  • May not be ideal for massive RVs.
  • Steel could theoretically rush if scratched up badly enough. Even stainless actually can.

FAQ About this Product

Will these stop a 3.5-ton camper?

This isn’t recommended. These are lightweight, smaller chocks intended for the average, smaller RV or camper. On relatively tame terrain, you should be fine, but don’t push your luck.


5. Camco Wheel Chock, Ropeless 

Camco RV Wheel Chock | Features a Heavy-Duty Durable Hard...

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This is pretty much a standard, classic wedge chock, of the sort that’s been used for eons. They’re simple, most effective and very easy to figure out. This is a tried and true design, so most casual camping conditions have had little issues with this sort of application.

These are about as basic and traditional as a wheel chock can get.


These classic chocks come in pairs, weighing about 1.5 pounds. They’re 8.4x6x5.1 inches in size.

Performance and Technical Issues

Classic chock designs generally work admirably in most situations, but they’re really not suited for exceptionally large vehicles or questionable terrain. They’re also every bit as annoying to put into place as any other old-fashioned chock.

Is it Recommended?

These are fine to either supplement additional stabilization, or to secure average-sized RVs on average terrain. Being wise and hammering them into place tightly can greatly enhance the performance of them. These are probably fine for those looking for a no-nonsense solution to keep their RV safe on a casual camping trip.


  • Simple, time-tested, no-nonsense design.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Simple, familiar solution.


  • Very basic, so the limitations of any other classic chock is present.
  • Not ideal for massive vehicles or questionable terrain.

FAQ About this Product

Where are these made?

Brace yourself – these are made in America!

Could these support a 20-foot boat and skiff?

Yes, they should, as long as it’s not severely challenging terrain.



It may be surprised how many diverse solutions to securing your RV there are these days. But, considering how important safety is when going on holiday, it makes sense that many innovators would explore diverse ways to ensure such safety.

Which chock is right for your vehicle? All of these should work within their specified conditions, so it simply depends on your RV, where you want to camp, and how willing you are to relax and trust the equipment to do its job.


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