Trunk Mount Bike Racks Review

Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount Rack

The Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount Rack is a 4 bike 2 inch receiver. The bike rack has been built to transport up to four bicycles at ago. This rack is for vehicles that are not equipped with a 2 inch trailer hitch. This rack secures vehicles like minivans SUV’s and hatchbacks using a heavy duty arm bar that will lock into place up to four bikes. This is made possible by the patented Allen Sports unique tie down that secures the bicycles.

One unique feature of the Deluxe Trunk Mount Rack is that it is easy to fold due to its design thus eliminating headaches. Setting up can be done within a very short period of time i.e. in less than 5 minutes. The carry arms are foldable which allows the rack to be tucked away when it is not being used. This eventually adds life to your device and in the long-run by avoiding unnecessary wear and tear. The black powdered coat finish protects the device in extreme weather conditions.

I purchased this product sometime last year to carry four mountain bikes at the back of my SUV and went to camp in some mountain areas. It easily accommodated the bikes and made my mounting a lot easier. The bikes are stable and don’t move while on transit. I would highly recommend this rack it comes at a pocket friendly price.

Allen sports premier 4-Bike trunk Rack

Taking your bike on vacation requires you to have a sturdy bike rack. If you wish to get quality products for your bike, one company that is trying stay ahead of the competition is Allen Sports. If you are interested in purchasing a bike rack manufactured by Allen Sports review of the Allen Sports Allen sports premier 4-Bike trunk Rack is the best place to get your product..It fits most vehicles starting from SUV’s,hatchbacks,minivans etc.They have two compound tie down cradles that protect the bicycles. It’s advisable that you consult the manufacturer depending on the vehicle you want it to fit.

I bought this rack and what surprised me was the exceptional customer service and I was given a lifetime warranty. Again I carried my bikes securely without damaging my car. It comes at lower price in comparison to other brands. It is affordable but offers lots of benefits.

Hollywood racks over the top trunk mounted bike rack

Hollywood Racks has a quick loading platform design hitch rack. It is light in weight and has straps to improve protection thus making it easily adjustable. The frame is high thus cannot get into the contact with your vehicles spoiler. Assembling the unit is very simple and powerful enough to encase your bikes tightly for your automobile. It carries two bikes and comes fully assembled. It comes at a fair price.

I was driving a Honda fit and it’s the only rack that could offer the ability of not resting on the spoiler.

Hollywood Racks Expeditions Trunk mounted bike rack

Fully adjustable to fit most vehicles and comes when it’s fully pre assembled. It doesn’t need any roof rack or hitch thus considered as the ideal choice for occasional short journeys. It carries two bikes and has molded rubber pads are provided to give a firm support protects the vehicle from scratches. It comes at a pocket friendly price.

This was my third bike rack and I have faced no problems whatsoever. It comes at a great price and is great product.

Saris Bones RS 3 Bike Trunk rack

Saris Bones RS 3-bike trunk mounted rack is made of Heavy-duty recyclable plastic material building. It has articulated rubber feet guard finish. The injection-molded arms and legs cannot rust and therefore capable of handling three motorcycles with ease. It has arc design which fits over most spoilers. It comes at a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for an important rack, I believe you should go for this since the removal and re-installation is so simple.Im considering purchasing a new car and I intend to go for this one.

Thule raceway Pro Platform Rack

The quality is fantastic no scratching of the paint/finish due to the molded rubber pads. It carries 2 bikes very well and is very stable and has a solid construction and it is fairly easy to install. However the has not been able to fit on Lexus LS 460 since there is no safe place to attach the rack to the trunk of the vehicle. it is affordable and offers lots of benefits

The rack fits well on my wife’s hatchback so I would recommend you buy one.

Thule Raceway PRO Trunk Mount Bike

It has a rubber pad that prevents your vehicle against scratches. It is a secure rack guaranteeing the most convenient and safest installation. It has ratcheting cables providing maximum fastening security to your vehicle. Attaching the rack is easy. It has user manual which is very useful in giving illustrations of the product. It comes at a reasonable price.

I have used the rack on my Audi A6 and had a great experience with Thule products due to the high quality and design.

Thule passage Trunk Mount carrier

It has an elbow that holds in the arm; easy to install .It has multi –bike carrying capacity ranging from two to three bikes. It has rubber cradles that protect the bike and very soft pads that protect trunk and hatch. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a reasonable price.

I, my wife and our son have traveled with 3 adult bikes and the fit was good as well.

Kingjoe Bike Rack

Trunk rack can hold up to 3 bikes and has straps that hold the bikes together and comes with lifetime warranty. The metal buckles protect paint of your car. It comes with everything you need. However the straps are too thin to be useful for long and one uses a lot of strength to get the bike strapped in securely. It is affordable and offers lots of benefits

I use this rack occasionally and I believe they it is decently built and actually very good.

Yakima Kingjoe Pro 2-Bike Trunk Rack

It has feature called strap management which hold the bikes in a secure way. It has a hub system which makes installation quite easy. It is compatible with a range of vehicles including hatchbacks and cars with a rear spoiler. It is easy to set up. It is fairly compact and light in weight.

I purchased this rack and it worked well on my BMW X3.

Choosing the best kind of bike carrier for you will actually depend on your needs and wants. Both of these bike carriers are of good quality and offers lots of benefits. You can also take into consideration your budget that you are willing to spend for your bike carrier.

To find the most suitable bike rack for your trip it’s advisable you seek help so that you can make the right decision.