Best Bungee Cords For Trucks

Best Bungee Cords For Trucks

Bungee cords are one of the most important gadgets to own. From securing your large goods that you are transporting on the roof of your car or on the trunk of your truck or even on the opened trailer, to even securing goods on your shelter, barn or yard. As one of the most practical tools in someone life, it is really important to know how to choose a good and reliable cord.

Poor quality bungee cords and misuse of bungee cords can lead to harmful events. Most of the times, bungee cords don’t only save you time, but by using them you can also save space. As an example, it is easier to secure your goods with bungee cords instead of placing them in a box; by placing them in a box you will waste a lot of space that can be used for other goods.

However, choosing good bungee cords is not as easy as it sounds. You have to pay some attention in order to get what you are looking for. I prepared a list of things to consider before buying bungee cords.

Best Bungee Cords for Trucks of 2020

Fortem Bungee Cords

Fortem Bungee Cords with Hooks, 30pc Set, Canopy Ties, Tarp...

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Ideally for heavy duty, therefore suitable for trucks, with thousands of positive reviews, these bungee cords come as a kit. At an affordable price, you can receive multiple sizes color coded cords, which ranges from 18 to 40 inches perfect for trucks, travel, cargo and home use.

The design is heavy duty, meaning that they are stronger and more elastic than the usual bungee cords because made with cross-woven rubber and latex. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the security of your goods on unpleasant or harsh weather as the hooks are covered with UV-resistant plastic.

As all Fortem products are covered for a full year, Fortem bungee cords kit comes with 12 months warranty.

Pack contains:

  • One carry case – 10.3’’ length x 8.3’’ width x 2.4’’ height
  • Two yellow 40’’ 8mm bungee cords 
  • Two green 32’’ 8mm bungee cords 
  • Four red 24’’ 8mm bungee cords
  • Six blue 18’’ 8mm bungee cords
  • Six black 10’’ 8mm mini bungee cords
  • Four black 8’’ 4mm canopy ties (bungee balls)
  • One 15’’ by 15’’ rubber cargo net with 6 steel hooks


Cartman Bungee Cords

Cartman Bungee Cords Assortment Jar 24 Piece in Jar Includes...

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Another great set with thousands of positive reviews is the Cartman Bungee cords. You can pick from a variety of cord sizes at a good price and a superior quality which will suit your needs. The cord jack is UV resistant, therefore you can securely carry your goods even on harsh weather. 

This set is made from high-quality materials with superior strengths, also, the bungee cords are color-coded by length. 

Pack contains:

  • Six black 18’’ bungee cords
  • Four 24’’ bungee cords
  • Two 32’’ bungee cords
  • Two 40’’ bungee cords
  • Six 10’’ mini bungee cords
  • Four 4’’ canopy ties (bungee balls)

Please note this is the 24 picks pack, but you can select a 16 picks pack or 30 picks, at a slightly different price.


Marcobrothers Flat Bungee Cord

Marcobrothers Flat Bungee Cords Elastic Straps with...

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If you are looking for an extra strong, heavy-duty bungee cord, more resistant than the rubber cords, than this product is suitable for you. 

As it is made of 24 rubber cords it is very durable, the work limit is 110lb. which is enough for trucking/hauling. Because they are flat, they are a bit more secure for carrying things, also prevents denting and cutting into cargo, boxes and equipment compared to normal bungee cords.

The pack contains two bungee cords at 24” inches, but you can pick from 18” inches, 24” inches or 32” inches. Also, can choose the color, between orange and black.


Heavyweight Flat Bungee Cords

HeavyWeight Flat Bungee Cords 4 Pack with Bonus 4 Ball...

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Another great and very resistant bungee cords perfect for moving, cargo, trunk etc. Their size is 48” inches. The best thing about this flat bungee cord is their adjustable length. Due to their hooks you can easily adjust their length to fit your needs, and keep in mind they stretch up to 40-50% increase to their normal length, so they will have around 72’’ inches at full stretch. They are UV protected; therefore, they can resist outdoor in harsh weather conditions for up to 6 months.

The hooks are plastic coated; therefore, your goods will be protected. 

Because they are so resistant, you can transport equipment and goods up to 150 pounds. 

Pack contains:

  • Four 48’’ flat bungees
  • Four 6’’ ball bungees
  • One warning card


Ratchet Tie Down Straps

AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps –4 PK– 15 FT – 2,200 LB...

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Created especially for vehicles of all kinds, with a revolutionary design and with a top quality this product is perfect if you are looking for bungees or tie downs, but you are worried about your vehicle or equipment getting scratched.

The tie downs are very long, about 15 ft. therefore they are suitable for small and large vehicles, the straps being 1 inch wide.

As the manufacturer declares, the ergonomic design is specially created for vehicles. The S hooks are rubber coated; therefore, your equipment won’t be scratch. They also use unique moulding technology, so the handles never fall off.   

They are made of high-quality polyester and have a load capacity of up to 500 lbs.

Pack contains:

  • Four premium quality ratchet straps
  • Two Bungee cords

Bison Gear 28PC Premium Bungee Cord

Bison Gear 28PC Premium Bungee Cord Set Including Ball...

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This is a multi-bungee packet with an industrial grade of resistance and certified by GS (German certification of equipment which has been ‘tested safety’) which guarantee will secure your item safety. 

At an affordable price, you can get cords, mini cords, trap ties and trap clips in a well-designed zipper case.

The bungees are made of high-quality materials like latex and rubber for extra strength, while the hooks are made of metal and coated in high-quality plastic to protect anchor point surfaces. 

Due to its lifetime warranty which you will receive with this pack, you don’t have to worry about your cords getting weathered and fatigued, moreover, if you are not satisfied with the quality of this product you will receive your money back, therefore you can give them a try without any risks. 

Package contains:

  • Six 18’’ inch cords
  • Four 24’’ inch cords
  • Two 32’’ inch cords
  • Six mini cords
  • Four trap ties
  • Four trap clips. 


SGT KNOTS Bungee Cord

Bungee Cord with Hooks - SGT KNOTS - Marine Grade Bungee...

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If you are looking for a strong bungee cord which can resist for a long time under heavy friction and sunlight, then this might be your winning product.  As they receive a ‘Marine Grade’  title, the materials are strong, stable and truly durable.

It is made from Dacron Polyester which is a synthetic fibre with low stretch but has high strength and it is very resistant to UV ray degradation, moisture chemicals and oils, suitable for harsh all kind of activities. 

 Buying options: 

  •  In the pack, you will receive four bungee cords, but you can pick their size and color.
  • You can find them in 16’’ inch length, 24 inch length, 32 inch length, 56 inch length,  all of them having 3/8 inches diameters.  They have a wide range of colors as well, therefore you can pick between black, neon orange, red, woodland camo and royal blue.



What to consider when you are buying bungee cords

Consider the size of the cord / consider buying a pack

If you are looking for a cord to transport a specific object, it is recommended to properly check the object dimensions and to buy a shorter cord. Due to the cord elasticity, the object will be held tight and you won’t risk dropping it. If the cord is the same size as the object, there is a high chance that the object will fall as the cord will widen due to its elasticity resulting in a loosen grip.

It is better to consider a pack of bungee cords as you will have different sizes that can be used with different objects and you can even secure an object better especially if it has an uneven form. You may also get a better deal when you buy a pack of cords than buying the same number of cords separately.

Also, it is not recommended to use bungee cords stretched to their limits, especially on places where other people can be harmed, as this thing will make them more vulnerable to shocks and even small bumps can make the bungee cords brake. 

Material used

The strength of the cord is determined by the material used in its crafting. Also, the weight that the bungee cord can withstand is determined by the material. Most of the times, bungee cords are made from the thermoplastic polymer as this type of material presents potent elastic properties and can withstand higher tensions. It is not unusual to find bungee cords that contain synthetic or natural rubber as these types of materials also presents good elasticity. 

Cord diameter

As you may already expect, thicker cords can carry heavier goods. If you are looking to secure objects up to 40 kilograms / 88 pounds then you will be fine with a 6 mm diameter cord, otherwise, you should look for thicker cords.

Hooks and hook attachments 

The type of hooks will determine if you are able to attach the bungee cord in certain places. It is recommended to buy packs that will provide you with different hook attachments such as bungee balls and tarp clips. These attachments will grant you multiple possibilities of attaching the bungee cords for securing different goods such as covering your truck bed with a tarp or making a net out of bungee cords for increased safety. Also, these can make the bungee cords suitable for different activities as well.

You should also consider a closed hook as the possibility of an accidental unhook will be lower and you won’t have to worry that much about the safety of your belongings. Also, bear in mind that metal hooks can starch your equipment, therefore it would be recommended to look for bungee cords that have the hooks coated in resistant and protective material such as rubber or plastic. 

Final Thoughts

Bungee cords are essential gadgets when you are transporting voluminous goods. The most important thing for a bungee cord for trucks is to be reliable, you can’t just attach the goods on your vehicle and go on the road without a guarantee that it won’t fall. As this can be harmful to other participants in traffic and can even lead to terrible accidents.

Therefore, the most important features of a bungee cord are its durability and reliability. You should also bear in mind the fact that if you are not taking into consideration the size and the weight of the good you are going to transport, you can be the cause of a tragic event. As I mentioned before, the bungee cord thickness is directly related to the pressure it can sustain, therefore if you are going to transport heavier goods it is important to use thicker cords in order to diminish the chances of the cord fails.

Also, don’t try to use bungee cords that are long enough only when they are stretched to their limit, this will decrease their elasticity and even small shocks can lead to the breaking of the cord.


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