Best Laptop Vehicle Mount of 2020

Best Laptop Vehicle Mount of 2020

Do you spend so much time on the road that your car has become your office? We live in the age of technology and being able to access the internet to search for information or get work done is important, even when traveling!

While working from your car can be difficult and uncomfortable, there is a simple and fast way to make it better! Laptop vehicle mounts are the answer to all your problems.

There are many uses for these mounts but the most important one is that it can help you be more productive when stopping in a parking lot to answer important emails and discuss projects with your team. If you are interested in finding the best laptop vehicle mount, then you have arrived at the right place!

Today we are going to help you find the best product for your needs and we are going to do that by presenting Amazon’s top five laptop vehicle mounts.

Best Laptop Vehicle Mount of 2020


1. Mobotron MS-526

Mobotron MS-526 Heavy-duty Car VAN SUV iPad Laptop Mount...

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The MS-526 is one of the best mounts that you can find online and this is thanks to the fact that it features a heavy-duty build. The mount is manufactured by Mobotron and it ships with a telescoping aluminum tube (30mm). The tube is the “arm” that holds the laptop deck so that it’s more accessible to the driver.

The great thing about the tube is that it can be adjusted from 14-inch up to 21-inch. Therefore, you can be sure that your device is going to fit securely in the MS-526 mount.

Talking about security, we need to mention that the folks at Mobotron have made it their top priority to provide a powerful grip. After all, you don’t want the device to fall off the deck after hitting a road bump or stepping on the brakes. With that said, the MS-526 is equipped with an extendable rear and front bracket that can bee adjusted from 10-inch up to 17-inch.

Another highlight feature that we want to mention is the mount’s ability to adjust the tray vertically (180 degrees) and horizontally (360 degrees).

You probably don’t want to leave your laptop sitting inside the mount when the car is parked and you are going home. This would make your car a high-priority target for thieves and no one wants that!

The manufacturers in charge of designing the MS-526 have thought of this issue and they have equipped it with quick lock-in and release levers.


  • Heavy-duty mount
  • Adjustable tray
  • Quick lock-in and release levers


  • The price is high


2. Mobotron MS-426

Mobotron MS-426 Standard Car iPad Laptop Mount Holder Stand

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Since Mobotron is a great company that launches premium vehicle mounts, then it should come as no surprise that the second product on our list is also manufactured by the same company. If the previous product is a bit too expensive for your budget, then you should be pleased to know that MS-426 is a cheaper alternative which can be used the same way.

While the MS-426 might not be a heavy-duty product, it still does an amazing job of securely holding laptops.

What makes the MS-426 stand out is the product’s user-friendly design. The mount can be adjusted to a 180-degree vertical motion or complete 360 degrees horizontally by simply moving it with your hand.

Just like the previous Mobotron mount, the MS-426 is also equipped with a quick-release lever. This means that you can mount or detach your laptop in a matter of seconds. To top it all off, the MS-426 also ships with a knob-screw that will give you, even more, adjusting options to help you get the device standing in the right position.

If you are worried that installing this laptop vehicle mount is going to be complicated, then you should be pleased to know that this is not the case! The MS-426 doesn’t require any drilling and it can be bolted directly on the passenger seat rail.

Anyone can install the mount and it doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to do it.


  • Adjustable tray
  • Easy installation
  • Quick-release lever


  • This is not a heavy-duty product and it can wear out


3. Mount-it! Mi-7410

Mount-It! Car Laptop Mount | No-Drill Laptop Vehicle Mount...

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If you are looking for a versatile laptop vehicle mount, then you don’t need to search any further than the Mi-7410. The mount is manufactured by Mount-it! which is a company that has made it’s brand a household name in the industry by producing durable products.

As previously noted, the Mi-7410 is highly versatile and it is compatible with a variety of vehicles starting with regular sedans and ending with trucks.

This is a “no-drill” mount and therefore, you can install it in a couple of minutes just by securing the base on the passenger seat rail. The biggest issue that you will have to deal with when using laptop vehicle mounts is the stability that they offer. If you take a sharp turn then the device might fall and this is never a good thing.

The device’s hardware can be damaged or even worse, the laptop can fall under the brake or gas pedals. Luckily, this is not an issue for the Mi-7410 because it comes equipped with Velcro belts.

The Velcro belts are specially designed to keep devices safe and they are adjustable. You can fit any laptop or notebook securely in the mount as long as it measured between 12-inch to 15.4-inch.

Not just that, but the Mi-7410 also offers cooling vents that will make sure your laptop is not going to get overheated when running heavy-duty tasks. The cooling vents are a “must-have” feature!


  • Compatible with all types of vehicles
  • Velcro straps for safety
  • Cooling vents


  • It can become wobbly


4. AA-Products T-70N

AA-Products T-70N Notebook/Laptop/Netbook Computer Mount...

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If your job requires you to switch cars every couple of months, then you are going to have a difficult time finding a mount that is compatible with all vehicles. This is where the T-70N mount comes in and saves the day.

The folks at AA-Products know that variety is the spice of life and this is why they made sure to equip the T-70N with a special design that can be installed on different vehicles and support all types of laptops.

However, the best thing about this product is not its versatility. The most important feature that the mount offers is a compact design that provides convenient space coverage. This is thanks to the extendable telescopic tube that allows you to maximize the legroom for the passenger.

Additionally, the T-70N is equipped with a flat metal tray that is both solid and durable which makes it perfect to securely hold laptops when you are working or reading.

The special structure of the mount allows you to place your laptop in various positions that will help increase your work productivity or make it more comfortable for you to watch a movie or read an e-Book to keep you entertained. The last thing that we want to mention about the T-70N is the fact that it comes with a quick-release lever.

This feature is crucial because it helps you avoid having to spend a couple of minutes every time that you want to attach or detach your laptop.


  • Compatible with all types of vehicles
  • Metallic tray
  • Quick-release lever


  • The bracket is not steady


5. RAM Pod I

RAM Mounts RAM-B-316-1U Pod I Vehicle Mount with 18' Rod and...

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We want to end our list with a product that is both affordable and durable. As some of you might already know, RAM is a popular brand that specializes in motorcycle and vehicle accessories, especially mounts.

This is a universal mount that can be attached to the passenger seat rail without requiring any drilling. To make things even better, the mount is equipped with an 18-inch aluminum rod that you can bend it in various postures to find the best position for your device.

While the RAM Pod I might look like a basic and simple device, you shouldn’t be fooled by this and think that the mount is not going to do a great job of securely holding your laptop. Your laptop or tablet is going to sit tight in the mount’s grip and you will never have to worry about the device falling off.

We have the special design that RAM has created to thank for the security that the mount offers.

The cheap mount from RAM weighs in at over 1 lb. and this makes it ideal for small cars where you need as much space as possible to sit comfortably. We should also mention that the mount is durable.

Despite being very cheap, RAM has built the mount from marine-grade aluminum and high-strength composite. The manufacturers are so confident in the durability of the mount that they are offering a lifetime warranty!


  • Cheap price
  • Adjustable aluminum arm
  • Weighs a bit over 1 lb.


  • The design doesn’t look very good


Laptop Vehicle Mount Buying Guide

We followed a couple of factors when picking out the top five laptop vehicle mounts featured on our list. The main rule of thumb was for all of them to feature easy installation so that you will not be required to visit a professional. If you want to learn what are the most essential factors when searching for the best laptop vehicle mount, then you should check the list below.

  • Easy Installation

As previously noted, one of the most essential features that a mount can offer is an easy installation. There are many types of vehicle laptop mounts and most of them require special drills on the vehicle’s floor. This is never a good idea because firstly, you will need to pay a professional to drill the holes. Secondly, you will be left with holes in your vehicle’s floor if you decide to stop using the mount. This is why you need to make sure that the mount you decide to purchase can be bolted on the passenger seat rail.

  • Durable Materials

There’s nothing more annoying than spending money on a product only to find out that its materials wear out in a couple of months. Unfortunately, more and more companies are choosing to use sub-par materials so that they can lower the price of their products and make them affordable to everyone.

Therefore, we are advising you to purchase laptop vehicle mounts that are made from durable materials such as aluminum for example. Another good thing to look out for is lifetime warranties as the one offered by the RAM Pod I for example.

  • Ventilation

The biggest problem with laptops is overheating. Their build doesn’t allow the processor to get enough ventilation. This problem has been around for nearly a decade and the only laptops that do not have an issue with overheating are those that use liquid cooling. On the downside, these laptops are quite expensive.

This is why it’s always a good idea to make sure that the laptop vehicle mounts that you are interested in purchasing feature ventilation or heat sinks. This tip is essential if you work from your vehicle and your laptop needs to run heavy-duty tasks such as programming or video compression.

  • Adjustable Position

What good would a mount be if the position is not adjustable? Check to see if the mount you want to purchase will be located directly over the vehicle’s stick and if it is, make sure that the mount’s position can be adjusted.

Another important thing to look out for is the mount’s position over the beverage cup holder. You don’t want to run the risk of spilling soda or water on your laptop’s keyboard. Additionally, an adjustable mount will help you position the laptop just the way you like it.

  • Weight Capacity

The last factor that we want to cover is the weight capacity of the mount. This factor usually gets overlooked and people are left with a mount that is not strong enough to support their laptops or tablets. Even though laptops are usually lightweight, this is not the case for all of them. Therefore, make sure to check how heavy your device is and if the mount’s weight capacity can support the pressure.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are laptop vehicle mounts safe?

The short answer is yes! Laptop vehicle mounts are safe. They are all equipped with special systems that will secure your device so that it doesn’t fall off when driving on bumpy roads or taking short corners that would otherwise make it fall off.

For example, most mounts are equipped with quick-release levers that make it super easy for you to secure the device and detach it in only a couple of seconds. The device is not going to move from the tight grips if the lever is not manually pulled.

If you want to make sure that nothing is going to cause the mount to wobble, then you should purchase a heavier model.


Will the passenger still have room after mounting a laptop vehicle mount?

The most popular mounts are those that can be easily installed by bolting them on the rail that is located beneath the passenger seat. This begs the question, can you still carry passengers while using the mount? The answer depends on the type of mount that you are using.

Some mounts are designed specially to not take up too much space and if you use a similar model, then you will be able to carry a passenger without any problems. In case the mount is occupying the passenger’s space, then you can use the quick-release lever to take off the device and free up space.


What height should the laptop be?

Now that you have a laptop vehicle mount, you can adjust the position of the device in any way you want when working in a parking lot. Experts are saying that the laptop needs to be at least 20 inches from your eyes. This is usually about an arm’s length.

Your glare needs to be down and the best way to maintain the distance between your screen-scanning eyes and the device is by tilting the screen 10 to 20 degrees.


Can I use a tablet PC on a laptop mount?

Tablet PCs or 2-in-1 devices as they are called are super useful. Their versatility makes them amazing devices when traveling long distances because you can use them to get work done in tablet or PC mode, depending on what you like the most.

A tablet PC will fit on a laptop mount without any problems because mounts feature adjustable grips so that they can be compatible with multiple laptop models.


Do cooling pads work?

As previously mentioned in the buying guide, the biggest problem that laptops have is the fact that their processors can overheat. If this goes on for a long time, then the processor is going to malfunction and you will need to spend lots of money on a replacement due to the complicated build design laptops.

Luckily, this all can be avoided with cooling pads. You can even use one on your vehicle mount! On average, a cooling pad will drop the temperature of the laptop’s hardware by up to 10 degrees.


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