iRobot Roomba 770 vs 780 Comparison

iRobot Roomba 770 vs 780 Comparison

Cleaning was made easier with the introduction of vacuum cleaners. As if things couldn’t get better than this, Roombas were created. The challenge becomes, choosing which Roomba to purchase: 770 or 780? I mean, which one would serve as a better investment? Read on and you will have a better understanding of both which will improve your decision-making process. Versus does a good job of showing these comparisons in a step by step process.




What really are the pros of purchasing these Roombas anyway?

Well, for starters, both come with remotes! You get to sit down, relax and with a press of a button, the action begins. The touchpad control in Roomba 780 is also an added benefit. They do all the cleaning as you are seated.

iRobot Roomba 780 iRobot Roomba 770
Virtual wall + Lighthouse Virtual Wall Lighthouse Virtual wall
Yes Restart Mode Yes
3.4 Height (inches) 3.4
Yes Auto Adjust To Floor Type Yes
Yes Carpet/Hardwood/Tile Yes
Yes Charging Base Yes
HEPA Type of Filter HEPA
Yes Dirt Detecting Sensors Yes
No Camera Vision Mapping System No
Yes Remote Control Yes
Round Shape Round
Yes Side Brushes No
Yes Flexible Brushes No
3 hours Battery Time 3 hours

Isn’t it frustrating how vacuum cleaners get stuck a lot, especially under furniture?

Well, this is a problem that is solved by Roombas. With their improved sensors, they are able to navigate freely without getting stuck under recliners. Secondly, they navigate around shoes and toys with ease. Such a relief, right?

What if the Roomba falls down the stairs as it cleans?

Not a problem at all. They both come with cliff detection which makes them to stop on meeting a cliff. They will stop when they get to your stairs. You can worry less.

Drain on the battery?

These Roombas come with improved software such that they are able to maximize their cleaning routine while minimizing the drain on the battery. With a battery life of something close to 120 minutes, you will definitely have a clean house.

How do they recharge?

They are designed in such a way that once they start hitting low battery, they automatically move to the power source and start recharging. The bar indicator will show once the battery is full.

Which type of floors do they clean?

Should your floor be tiled, carpeted, hardwood or concrete, both Roombas can clean it for you? They work typically on any type of floor. Literally!

You can also schedule the cleaning of the Roombas. Whether you want a 30 minutes job or a 1-hour job, you just preset it and it will work just as planned.

If they do the same job, why the different versions?

I bet you are now wondering if both of them are so good? Why do they have different versions? Well,  different versions help the manufacturer to appeal to the needs of more clients. Also, different versions allow for different pricing, thus increasing the purchasing power of clients. Improved versions also offer more benefits.

So, which Roomba should I purchase?

It really depends on your need and your budget.

In deciding which Roomba to purchase, 770 or 780, it is good to note that they have slightly different ’packaging’. For one, 770 is cheaper than 780. So if pricing is a concern at the moment, 770 would be a good deal for you.

A thoroughly clean room?

In ensuring that the Roomba stays in one room until it is virtually clean, Roomba 780 does a better job than 770 because of its (2) virtual wall lighthouses. This feature allows the Roomba to work without too much babysitting.If your concern is having a thoroughly cleaned room before proceeding to the next, you know which is better. However, doesn’t include the 2C batteries for the lighthouses.

What happens when the brush wear out?

Well, 780 comes with an extra brush which makes replacing the worn out one quite easy. 770 does not come with an extra brush. The flexible brushes and side brushes on 780 make it clean thoroughly as compared to 770, which does not have the side brushes.

What if you own a pet that sheds its hair?

The dual filters and studier cleaning head in 780 help it to pick up pet hair. However, if the pet hair is long, it can tangle the axis causing it to fail. So, if you own a Chihuahua, you are in luck as all of its shed hair will be picked up by Roomba 780.

What are the general observations of both Roombas?

In observation, these Roombas work best in houses that are clutter less. Pick up any junk on the floor before you release them to do the cleaning. This will help them to navigate more freely across the room and clean it up.

Can you close the doors as the Roombas clean?

No. Keep the doors open so that it does not trap itself in the room. If it traps itself, it may over scrub carpets and wear them out.

How many Roombas should you get to your house?

Well, it depends on how big your house is. Also, how much does your pet shed? In general, if you think you will wear it out, get 2 or 3 of them. The upfront cost may be high but the wear and tear on each unit will go down making it a better bargain.

What do you do if they break down?

Should they break down or have a malfunction, I suggest that you send it back to the manufacturer or an authorized repair shop. Do not try to fix it yourself because you may further damage it or even hurt yourself. Leave to the experts. Did I mention that these Roombas come with a 1(vacuum) and 1/2 (battery) year warranty? You had better make use of it.

In a nutshell, Roomba 770 and 780 are almost similar. You need to access yourself and decide what your most important needs are your budget margin and thus decide which one works best for you.

Enjoy your cleaning with Roombas!!!


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